George Floyd: US’ Week of Broken Glass and Broken Dreams

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Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Now?

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Covid-19 Recessions: This Time It’s Really Different

By Vladimir Popov and Jomo Kwame Sundaram
BERLIN and KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 4 2020 - The world economic contraction so far this year is largely due to measures, especially at the national or local level, to contain or prevent Covid-19 contagion, particularly those... More >>

Lifelines in Danger


Shedding Some Light at the End of the Covid-19 Tunnel: Plotting a Way Forward

By Asif Zaman
DHAKA, Bangladesh, Jun 4 2020 - Lockdowns have been the main measures to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 infections. But lockdowns typically incur huge economic costs, distributed unevenly in economies and societies. In fact, some More >>

The Struggle for Land and Food in the Locked-down Philippines

Credit: KMP

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We Arabs Ask No Favors…..

By El Hassan bin Talal
GENEVA, Jun 4 2020 - In these difficult times for the Palestinian people and for justice, the Government of Israel is proposing to add further to the turmoil by unilaterally absorbing large swathes of the Palestinian West Bank of the... More >>

COVID-19: Reset Food Systems Now for a Better Future

By Cecilia Russell
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